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BN5023 Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote Bag BN5023 Orange
BN5023 Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote Bag BN5023 Orange
BN5023 Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote Bag BN5023 Orange
BN5023 Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote Bag BN5023 Orange
BN5023 Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote Bag BN5023 Orange

BN5023 Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote Bag BN5023 Orange

Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote Bag BN5023 Orange
Size: W37 x H28 x D16cm
- classic shapes and timeless elegance for the galleria capsule collection, named after the brand's first, historic store
- saffiano calf leather tote
- double handle
- gold-plated hardware

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